Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all my Brides currently booked in for 2017! I have an exciting year ahead, and with my first bride for 2017 going out the door today I look forward to beginning my next project! If you…


Stephanie at O’Reilly’s in a Fleur de Lis pattern French lace, and hale spot Valentino silk chiffon.  

Ethical silk

I am constantly learning in this job! I have just had an enquiry about making a wedding dress from silk made using an “ethical, cruelty free” process. Ethical silk (Ahimsa silk), is made using silk cocoons where the moth is…

Bon Voyage Alan and Nikki!

Have just waved off a happy couple from the UK, on their way back to Perth, via Sydney and the Nullarbor. Nikki contacted me from Kununurra a few months back, about having a wedding dress made whilst they were in…

New Website Launch!

Really looking forward to the new website getting up and running. Pete and the team at BA Creative have been really great with their advice and ideas and more importantly incredibly patient with me!